We are proud to announce SLIM 1.0 beta, the first public release of our SLIM software for integrated model-based systems engineering. SLIM enables systems engineers to develop and manage the high-level architecture of a system/product in SysML and simultaneously connect, communicate, and sync with detailed requirements, parts (bill of materials and CAD), simulation models (MATLAB/Simulink, Mathematica, CAE) and complex data structures that are version managed and configuration controlled in enterprise-strength PLM systems (such as Teamcenter and Windchill) and object-oriented / relational databases (such as MySQL).

SLIM 1.0 beta is available as a plugin for MagicDraw (No Magic) and Rhapsody (IBM) SysML modeling environments. Both node-locked and floating licenses will be available.

To get started, you can (1) schedule an online demo for your organization/group, (2) get a 30-day evaluation license, and (3) download and test drive SLIM using its step-by-step tutorials.

Click here to learn more about SLIM and to get started…

Manas Bajaj

Dr. Manas Bajaj is the Chief Systems Officer at Intercax. He leads product research and development, including the Syndeia platform. He focuses on new tools and technologies to support digital thread, digital engineering, and MBSE/MBSE.