Are you a systems engineer that wants to be able to see a CAD model or check out the system-level impact of design changes? Maybe you’re a CAD designer who wants to receive requirements in a clearer, more efficient format? Interfacing SysML and CAD models covers a myriad of potential use cases. Syndeia 2.0 introduced new interfaces between SysML and powerful 3D CAD tools. Take a few minutes to watch the video demonstrations below to learn some of the possibilities for Rhapsody or MagicDraw connections to Siemens NX, then contact us (syndeia @ [ intercax dot com ]) for an evaluation license to try it yourself.

Syndeia for MagicDraw and NX

Syndeia for Rhapsody and NX

Dirk Zwemer

Dr. Dirk Zwemer ( is President of Intercax LLC (Atlanta, GA), a supplier of MBE engineering software platforms like Syndeia and ParaMagic. He is an active teacher and consultant in the field and holds Level 4 Model Builder-Advanced certification as an OMG System Modeling Professional.