Intercax is pleased to announce the release of Syndeia Cloud 3.3 SP1 with the following updates:

  1. Support for Microsoft/Azure AD as an LDAP authentication provider – Syndeia Cloud 3.3 SP1 includes additional LDAP configuration parameters that make it possible for Syndeia admins to use different LDAP providers with Syndeia Cloud. The conf in Syndeia Cloud now includes ldap.userBindAttribute and ldap.mailAttribute to specify the user id and email fields in an LDAP provider. Syndeia Cloud LDAP integration has been tested with OpenLDAP and Microsoft/Azure Active Directory. The silhouette.conf file includes example property values for OpenLDAP and Microsoft AD LDAP servers.
  2. Performance improvements in Syndeia Cloud Graph service – Syndeia Cloud 3.3 SP1 includes multiple performance-related updates to the Syndeia Cloud graph service. Commands and queries to the underlying JanusGraph database are updated to improve the performance of node/edge creation and deletion steps.
  3. Updates to Swagger documentation and installation scripts – Syndeia Cloud 3. SP1 includes updates to the Swagger documentation for the Syndeia Cloud REST/HTTP API, updates to the installation scripts for Linux and Windows, and other bug fixes and improvements.

The new release is available to customers under active Syndeia M&S agreements or annual subscription plans by request through our online helpdesk. This is a full new release, not a software patch. See installation and other details in our online documentation.

These improvements will also be included in the forthcoming Syndeia 3.4 release (March 2021), which will support several new tool integrations and greater functionality through the Syndeia Cloud API.

About Intercax

Intercax is a pioneer and trusted global innovator in the field of model-based systems engineering (MBSE). Our interoperability platform, Syndeia, is an enterprise software environment for integrated model-based systems engineering, connecting models in SysML, PLM, CAD, ALM, simulation and more to build and analyze a practical Digital Thread.

Dirk Zwemer

Dr. Dirk Zwemer ( is President of Intercax LLC (Atlanta, GA), a supplier of MBE engineering software platforms like Syndeia and ParaMagic. He is an active teacher and consultant in the field and holds Level 4 Model Builder-Advanced certification as an OMG System Modeling Professional.