About us

Our mission is to innovate software that fundamentally advances computer-based modeling and simulation of complex systems. Our technology is playing a leading role in transitioning the industry from a document-centric to a model-centric approach for designing and managing complex systems, ranging from spacecrafts and avionics to smart grids and supply chains. Our initial focus has been general purpose systems modeling and simulation products based on SysML. Our next-generation products are vertical apps for specific industries and domains. We are leaders in SysML parametric modeling, simulation, and integration products that are being used by top-tier enterprises in aerospace, defense, energy, transportation, and electronics sectors.

InterCAX became an active business in Dec 2007 as a spin off from Georgia Institute of Technology, joining the VentureLab incubator program. Our first product, ParaMagic®, was launched in July 2008. Since then, we have rapidly expanded our technology and demonstrated some of the first applications integrating conceptual and detailed systems design and simulation. Intercax graduated from the VentureLab program in 2009 and has since been a member of Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC).

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