Our mission is to innovate software that fundamentally advances computer-based modeling and simulation of complex systems. Our technology is playing a leading role in transitioning the industry from a document-centric to a model-centric approach for designing and managing complex systems, ranging from spacecrafts and avionics to energy, healthcare, manufacturing, and automotive. We are a pioneer and trusted global innovator in the field of model-based systems engineering (MBSE). Our breadth of experience, market knowledge and technology solutions are unsurpassed in the industry.


Intercax spun out of the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2007 to commercialize technology developed at the Manufacturing Research Center by Dr. Russell Peak and his colleagues, including Dr. Manas Bajaj. Dr. Peak and Dr. Bajaj, now InterCAX’s Chief Systems Officer, were active participants in the original development of the SysML specification, especially in areas linking the system model with data management and simulation. They are also co-authors of the OMG Certified Systems Modeling Professional (OCSMP) international certification program.

The two technical founders joined forces with Dr. Dirk Zwemer, who brought his extensive entrepreneurial experience with new technology start-ups to the effort. The goal was to encourage organizations to adopt best practices in Model-Based System Engineering, with standard and custom software products, training and consulting. Partnering arrangements currently exist with No Magic, Sparx Systems, IBM, Siemens PLM, PTC (including Atego), Wolfram Research, The MathWorks, and others.

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Intercax is an industry leader in developing the vision of the Total System Model and System Lifecycle Management, linking SysML models with other advanced engineering software tools for PLM, CAD, and simulation, working in several areas:

System Lifecycle Management

Intercax introduced Syndeia (originally called SLIM) in 2014, allowing organizations to connect, compare and synchronize their existing engineering toolset with high-level SysML models. Offered in both standard and custom versions, Syndeia is being used by the leading MBSE practitioners to link to PLM, CAD, simulations and other tools from MagicDraw and Rhapsody.

SysML Parametric Solvers

Intercax offers several parametric solver plug-ins for SysML modeling tools, enabling execution of parametric constraints, trade studies, import/export from Excel spreadsheets and calling of existing MATLAB functions and scripts.
ParaMagic (2008) for MagicDraw (NoMagic Inc.)
Melody (2009) for IBM Rational Rhapsody
ParaSolver (2009) for PTC Integrity Modeler (PTC, formerly Atego)
Solvea (2010) for Enterprise Architect (Sparx Systems)

Training, Consulting and Model Development

Intercax, in collaboration with Georgia Tech, has become the premier supplier of hands-on SysML training. Since 2008, Intercax has trained over 3500 students in its standard 3.5 day class at NASA, the US Department of Defense, and many other leading organizations within the aerospace, automotive, energy, manufacturing sectors. The company is frequently engaged for assistance in developing system architecture and related models.