DevSecOps Engineer

Digital Pipelines and Infrastructure automation for next-generation systems, from rockets to electric vehicles, energy grids to healthcare

About us

Intercax Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary of Intercax LLC based in Atlanta, USA. Intercax is a pioneer and global innovator in model-based and digital engineering. Our flagship product Syndeia is a digital thread platform integrating data in multiple engineering disciplines—systems, mechanical, electrical, software, manufacturing, and operations—to build an open and smart digital thread. Our products are used by customers in multiple industry verticals, such as aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, energy, IoT and healthcare. Digital thread is a key ingredient of the digital transformation initiatives underway at major engineering companies across the world. We are a fast-moving, high-performing, close-knit, and geographically distributed product company. Learn more at


This is a fully remote position open to candidates anywhere in India. Candidates must be self-driven, disciplined, professional, and be able to manage their time and tasks. Daily interaction with other team members be via audio/video conferencing.

Roles and Responsibilities

You will be a DevSecOps Engineer for our flagship product – Syndeia – and our product development infrastructure. You will be collaborating with a team of highly qualified software architects and engineers at Intercax. Specifically, your role includes but is not limited to:

  1. DevSecOps automation using pipelines and infrastructure-as-code technologies
  2. Build and deploying containerized applications using Kubernetes (K8s) clusters and Helm
  3. Working with customers via our helpdesk to resolve technical issues and deploy our products
  4. Contribute to the DevSecOps architecture and design of our product platform
  5. Representing the company at international conferences/workshops to showcase our product

Qualifications and Skills

  1. Bachelors degree in one of the following fields: Computer Science, Software Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, or Systems Engineering from an accredited university
  2. 3+ years of experience with CI/CD pipeline technologies, such as Jenkins, Travis CI, Circle CI, GitHub Actions, and others
  3. 3+ years of experience in managing (install/upgrade/test) software applications in an IT environment
  4. 2+ years of experience in containerization using Docker, Docker Compose, Kubernetes (K8s), and Helm
  5. 2+ years of experience with infrastructure-as-code (IaC) technologies, such as Ansible, Terraform, and CloudFormation
  6. 3+ years of experience with Linux and Windows Server environments, including configurations, scans, and setups for enhanced cybersecurity. This includes both on premise and cloud environments, e.g. AWS, Azure, GCP.
  7. Experience with the following technologies will be a bonus:
    1. Identity providers and protocols such as OAuth, SAML, CAC Cards, LDAP, X.509, and OpenID Connect
    2. Programming and scripting with languages such as Java, Groovy, Python in support of infrastructure automating and testing
    3. Query languages such as SQL, CQL, Gremlin, Cypher, GraphQL, and others.
    4. REST API automation and testing tools such as Postman, JMeter, and others
  8. Strong analytical, problem-solving, and time management skills; ability to work in a fast-paced, delivery-oriented, and geographically distributed team environment
  9. Strong written and oral communication skills

If you love programming and building/deploying software and have built an application or pipeline/automation from scratch, we would love to hear about it. Please share the GitHub repo or include relevant material in your job application.

Fast-paced, Flexible, Learning, and Customer-Focused Environment

  1. Work with top-tier customers across the world in aerospace, automotive, transportation, healthcare, IoT, and other domains.
  2. Joining bonus and competitive pay package.
  3. Work on cutting-edge web technologies and build your skills. Caution: You may learn more in a month than you may have in a year ?
  4. Fully remote opportunity. Focus your creative energies on work rather than commute.
  5. Spend time learning and building robust applications, and not in meetings.
  6. Fast-paced environment with a global team of experts to help you learn new technologies.
  7. Opportunity to work at regular working hours (IST) for work-life balance.
  8. Opportunities to represent the company at international conferences/workshops and demonstrate products

To apply, email your resume to with the subject: “DevSecOps Engineer – India”. Include links to certifications, achievements, open-source projects that you have contributed to, technical blogs, or apps you may have built. We will respond within 2-3 days to schedule an interview if you are selected.