Company Profile

We are innovators in model-based engineering.

Intercax is a pioneer and trusted global innovator in the field of model-based engineering (MBE). Our breadth of experience, market knowledge and technology solutions are unsurpassed in the industry. Intercax’s product offerings include:

  • Standard software products for systems engineering
    • Parametric Solvers for SysML models
    • Syndeia™ – System Lifecycle Management
  • Customized solutions for systems engineering
  • MSE training, consulting, and research

Helping clients make more informed decisions about their business.

At Intercax, we work with leading MBE adopters to push the limits of systems development. We assist companies and government agencies in manufacturing, aerospace, defense, automotive and other domains to implement practical, cost-effective solutions as part of their overall engineering process – helping them to discover innovative solutions to challenging problems.

Intercax was founded in December 2007 as a commercial spin-off and technology licensee from the Georgia Institute of Technology and supported in its early years by the Georgia Research Alliance and Georgia Tech’s VentureLabs and Advanced Technology Development Center. It has been led since its founding by Dr. Dirk Zwemer, President, and Dr. Manas Bajaj, Chief Systems Officer, with headquarters in Atlanta, GA’s Perimeter Center.

Intercax’s technology development team combines solid engineering experience with cutting edge software skills. We understand the engineering processes, tools and use cases that organizations must bring together to build modern systems.

Intercax released its first product, ParaMagic™, in 2008, a parametric solver plug-in for MagicDraw SysML, followed by related products for other SysML modeling tools. In 2014, Intercax offered the first commercial release of Syndeia™, which had been under development since 2012. Syndeia enables fine-grained connection between architecture, design and analysis models. Our company has been commissioned to carry out sponsored research projects for global technology leaders including DARPA, NASA and NIST.

Intercax is dedicated to understanding your needs to develop model-based engineering solutions that enable you to push your business to new heights.