Intercax Workshops


We are conducting a workshop at ESTECO International User's Meeting 2022. Where we will show you a technology that allows you to weave a digital thread across your engineering acquisition lifecycle from conception, through architecture, to specification, through simulation, to productization, and into operation. We will show you how, from a single pane of glass, your analysts and stakeholders can navigate from connected tool to connected tool - without being tool gurus. We will show you how you can write and execute digital thread queries that find and visualize patterns. We will show you the universal API we use and expose it for your users to perform all this.


Intercax - Syndeia
Syndeia is the digital thread platform for model-based engineering. With Syndeia, engineering teams collaboratively and concurrently develop and manage digital threads for complex systems across federated models and data from definitive source modeling and simulation tools, enterprise applications, and data repositories.

Event Details: Wed June 29-30, 2022