Syndeia™ is the digital thread platform for model-based engineering. It enables engineering teams to collaboratively and concurrently develop and manage a digital thread for any complex system/product by federating models and data from diverse ecosystems of modeling and simulation tools, enterprise applications, and data repositories. This diverse set of tools and repositories includes, for example, SysML modeling tools (e.g., MagicDraw, Rhapsody), PLM systems (e.g., Teamcenter, Windchill), CAD systems (e.g., NX, Creo), ALM systems (e.g., GitHub, JIRA), Project Management Systems (e.g., JIRA), Requirements Management Systems (e.g., Jama, DOORS-NG), Simulation tools (e.g., MATLAB/Simulink), Databases (e.g., MySQL), and other data sources (e.g., RESTful APIs). Syndeia provides a rich set of services for building, managing, analyzing, querying, and visualizing the digital thread of the product/system through its lifecycle. Syndeiabuilds on various open standards (e.g., REST/HTTP, JDBC, JSON, STEP, OSLC, and FMI), open-source projects and libraries, and production-ready APIs made available by our partners.

Digital Thread is a graph whose nodes are elements in various enterprise repositories, tools, and version control systems and whose edges are intra-model relationships within each agency and inter-model relationships created and managed by Syndeia between the nodes. Syndeia provides model transformation services to build the digital thread graph, such as drag-n-drop requirements from Jama or DOORS-NG to SysML, generate Simulink models and PLM part structures from SysML models, connect behavior elements in SysML to software code in GitHub, or track the development status of a sub-system in JIRA directly from SysML. In addition, Syndeia provides services to search, compare, and bi-directionally synchronize connected models in the digital thread, such as compare and sync changes in system architecture to PLM part structure, compare connected SysML and Simulink models, or sync changes in DOORS-NG requirements to SysML.

Digital Thread graph is the digital blueprint of a system that evolves through its lifecycle. It knows the versions of connected models in various configuration management systems, e.g., PLM, ALM, and Requirements Management. Syndeia provides visualization and query services to analyze the digital thread and trace intra- and inter-model relationships within and across the boundaries of repositories/tools. For example, start with a SysML block and explore intra- and inter-model relationships to requirements in Jama, then relationships to mechanical parts in PLM and CAD systems or issues in JIRA.


We’re excited to announce the release of Syndeia 3.6, the next generation of our Digital Thread Platform for model-based engineering. This release includes features that will accelerate concurrent digital engineering for mission-critical products and systems, all powered by enterprise-scale digital threads. Click the link below to learn more.

New Features and Improvements in Syndeia 3.6

All Syndeia users with an active subscription can immediately upgrade to the new release by submitting a request through our helpdesk

What’s New in Syndeia 3.6

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